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What are the functions of the five major parts of rolling bearing?


In order to avoid unnecessary loss of shaft caused by wrong operation. Today's small series summarizes some of the five major parts about bearings. If you want to know, you need to learn quickly!
Rolling bearing is generally composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage. In addition, lubricant has a great impact on the service performance of rolling bearing, so lubricant is sometimes regarded as the fifth largest part of rolling bearing.
The five large parts of the bearing have the following functions:
1. The inner ring usually fits tightly with the shaft and rotates with the shaft.
2. The outer ring is usually matched with the bearing seat hole or the shell of mechanical parts to play a supporting role. However, in some applications, the outer ring rotates, the inner ring is fixed, or both the inner and outer rings rotate.
3. The rolling elements are evenly arranged between the inner ring and the outer ring with the help of a cage. Its shape, size and quantity directly affect the bearing capacity and service performance of bearings.
4. The cage evenly separates the rolling elements, guides the rolling elements to move on the correct track, and improves the internal load distribution and lubrication performance of the bearing.

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