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What are the reasons for excessive bearing temperature?


High bearing temperature is a common and harmful fault of rotating equipment, which will reduce the service life of the bearing and increase the maintenance cost. When the temperature rises rapidly and exceeds the standard, it is easy to lead to unplanned shutdown or load reduction of the unit, which has a great impact on the economic benefits. Therefore, the guarantee of continuous and safe operation of the equipment is to quickly judge the cause of the fault and take appropriate measures to solve it.
Common causes of excessive bearing temperature
1) Poor lubrication, such as insufficient or excessive lubrication, unqualified lubricating oil quality, deterioration or sundries;
2) Insufficient cooling, such as pipeline blockage, improper cooler selection and poor cooling effect;
3) The bearing is abnormal, such as bearing damage, poor bearing assembly process, and the clearance adjustment of each part of the bearing housing does not meet the requirements;
4) Large vibration, such as poor coupling alignment process, dynamic and static imbalance of rotor, poor foundation rigidity, virtual foundation, rotating stall and surge.

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