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How to measure the clearance of rolling bearing


Proper installation clearance is helpful to the normal operation of rolling bearing. If the clearance is too small, the temperature of the rolling bearing rises and cannot work normally, so that the rolling element is stuck; Excessive clearance, equipment vibration and rolling bearing noise.
The inspection method of radial clearance is as follows:
1、 Measurement of clearance of rolling bearings - sensory method
(1) The bearing shall be rotated manually, and the bearing shall be stable and flexible without jamming.
(2) . shake the outer ring of the bearing by hand. Even if the radial clearance is only 0.01mm, the axial movement of the uppermost point of the bearing is also 0.10 ~ 0.15mm. This method is dedicated to single row radial ball bearings.
2、 Measuring the clearance of rolling bearings - measuring method
(1) Check with a feeler gauge to confirm the maximum load position of the rolling bearing, insert a feeler gauge between the rolling element at 180 ° and the outer (inner) ring, and the thickness of the feeler gauge with appropriate tightness is the radial clearance of the bearing. This method is widely used in self-aligning bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.
(2) Check with a dial indicator. First set the dial indicator to zero, and then jack up the outer ring of the rolling bearing. The reading of the dial indicator is the radial clearance of the bearing.

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