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What are the main causes of bearing wear


The bearing will be worn in many ways. After summary, it can be summarized as follows: improper installation, poor lubrication and weak sealing performance. Let's learn more about it.
1. Improper operation can easily lead to direct damage to the bearing, and improper installation and disassembly can easily lead to deformation or surface defect of the bearing cage. Therefore, experienced staff suggest that you use professional assembly tools.
2. Insufficient lubrication. If the bearing lubrication is poor, it will not play the role of lubrication or cooling in the working process, and the friction between bearing parts is large, which is easy to heat up and burn. Proper improved lubrication system and regular lubricant supplement can alleviate wear.
3. Rust and corrosion lead to bearing rust or corrosion, mostly due to weak sealing performance or damage of sealing device, and the bearing surface contacts water, resulting in peeling after rust. Check the seal regularly to ensure good sealing effect and store the bearing correctly.

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